Why Colombian Women Prefer Dating Older Men

Colombian woman dining
These Columbian women find maturity alluring.

There is a reason why Columbian women are the envy of other women. An intelligent mind, a smart mouth, an elegant visage, and a toned physique — these are some of the many attributes they possess that will leave you awe-struck.

If you’ve ever come across a Colombian woman, you’d be able to attest to that yourself.

Some women even want to know how to look like a Colombian woman.

They do, however, look for men of a certain quality. Their standards sometimes reach unattainable heights, making it even more difficult to find a lifetime partner. The reason? Most of them prefer older men.

Older men have gone through heartbreak, trauma and crisis that made them who they are today. Sadly, most men aren’t open about these experiences, lest they’d be seen by society as less masculine.

With no form of emotional support, loneliness is inevitable.

Solitude can be cruel, and they want nothing more than to have someone to share their life with. If only they know how truly fortunate they are, because they are what many women desire.

Traits Women like in an Older Man

There are many perks to dating an older man. Choosing a lifetime partner involves much deeper criteria than youthful looks. Otherwise, your relationship may take a turn for the worse, and nobody likes to go through unnecessary heartbreak.

If you would like to meet Colombian women, it may please you to know that they prefer dating men years older than them. Here are a few of their reasons:

Emotional Maturity

Women mature earlier than men, physiologically and psychologically. When a woman comes of age, she is ready to be in a committed relationship. However, the men in their youth hold hedonistic views in life — with commitment being low in their list of priorities. This is due mostly, to biological reasons. Women in their youth are prime to bear children, expediting their overall sense of maturity and responsibility.

After having gone through several stages in their life, older men have acquired a broader life experience. They have had their fun, and have learned much of what life has had to teach. Having passed the need to satisfy their youthful curiosities, they now want stability.

Colombian woman holding wine glass
With age comes maturity.

Maturation of Thought

Wisdom is one thing women find attractive in older men. Being capable of making rational and sound decisions makes them seem more reliable and dependable to younger women.

Older men are less likely to be swayed by their emotions, something characteristic of their younger counterparts. They are more decisive and appreciative of the more important things in life. They take less for granted. This is what makes older men amiable partners.

With age comes wisdom and a level head. Women want someone who they can meet eye to eye with. It’s troublesome to be in a relationship where you aren’t on equal ground, most especially when only one of them is putting effort into it.

Financial Stability

Older men by large enjoy stability in their respective professions and businesses. Many have acquired assets and properties over many years of investing. Some have gained tenure or promotions in their work, while the other more experienced gentlemen are enjoying a pension.

Surprisingly, many men looking to date overseas are aware of the financial benefits, even relief, that they stand to provide their future partners. They are not only aware, but welcome the chance to support a new family. To their credit, they are not ignorant about opportunists.

The pursuit of a financially stable partner is not only natural, but wise if you are looking to raise a family. You need a partner who can at the very least provide the most basic of needs. As much as love reigns in a relationship, couples must be practical.

The typical Colombian household is traditional for the most part. While modern families have their own set up, the man being the provider is still the prevalent notion. Women looking to commit see the ability to provide, to care for, and to be responsible as necessary traits in a potential partner.

Long Term Commitment

The ambivalent and perhaps volatile nature of younger men is what makes it difficult for them to get into committed relationships. They think tying the knot comes at the cost of their freedom. Little do they know, they’ll end up feeling empty as soon as the party is over.

A young man wants to experience all that he can in life. It is in his youth that he is most ambitious. Like Icarus, he seeks to reach the sun and gain the world. Nothing, and no one can hold him back. But when the time comes, he eventually comes down to earth.

But women aren’t willing to wait so long. While youth is still running in their veins, they would like to find a serious partner.

This is where the connection begins.

Couple holding hands
Lasting commitment ultimately hinges on each other’s love and compatibility.

The Stigma Against Couples with Age Gaps

Love has no labels.

Your race, your gender, your religion, your age, or your disability does not hinder you from loving and being loved. But like in every society, it is inevitable that you’ll be subject to scrutiny.

When dating a Colombian woman, particularly one that is years younger than you, she won’t feel constrained by these social norms. She is still at that stage in life where she wants to experience new things. There is still so much to explore — you don’t have time to dwell on the judgement of others.

This naiveté of hers can be used to your advantage. Add that with your wisdom and knowledge, it will be much easier to overcome your relationship struggles. After all, you complement and make up for the things you both lack.

There will be trials and challenges. Some things are worth fighting for, while some are best let go. It’s just a matter of choosing your battles wisely, not everything has to be disputed.

In between the loving and the fighting, you may have doubts or regrets. But anxiety was never a good advisor. Learn to fight against these inner demons, and this too shall pass.

If you’ve learned to love with no limits, you’ll learn to find inner peace.

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