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Today, the advancement of technology is a great help for all foreign singles who wish to meet and date someone from another country. Connecting virtually to other people has been made convenient, thus online dating has been made possible. Companies which specialize in marriage agency services have come to life to channel their services toward single individuals across the globe.

Until then, online dating has kept on rising to a greater level of demand. Due to that, finding love and international dating, especially with Barranquilla women, is just a click away. However, there are numerous dating sites flooding in the internet from which single individuals can choose from. Two of the most popular websites offering dating services in Latin America are Craigslist and Barranquilla-Women. These two sites offer almost the same services, causing some single individuals to be confused on which site to trust.

That being said, we are going to clarify several differences between the said sites for your advantage.


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One of the highly popular dating sites is Craigslist, an American online advertisement company founded by Craig Newmark. It caters several sections including sales, gigs, housing, jobs, and many other services. One of its most visited sections is its online personals. It is where single men and women meet and communicate with each other for dating and marriage purposes.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous couples who have found each other through the said site. Though there are individuals who left positive comments, it’s undeniable that most of the singles who used Craigslists left negative comments about it. What’s making it worse is that the company itself isn’t able to address the concerns of the netizens. Thus, this had caused Craigslist’s rating to drop at rock-bottom.

Some of Craigslist’s flaws are as follows:

Lack of Company Name

Those users who have regularly visited Craigslist have surely noticed that the site lacks a company name. Given that there’s no host name which manages the posts and the accounts of the personals, it usually results into scamming and identity fraud.

Moreover, nobody will be held accountable when something goes wrong because Craigslist itself does not take responsibility for the actions of its users. This alone puts the users’ security at risk.

Authenticity of the Personals and Profiles

Another glaring mistake of Craigslist is its failure of verifying the profiles listed on its personals’ section. Consequently, it’s so hard to guess whether the existing profiles are real or not because these days, creating fake accounts and using someone’s photos for scamming purposes are just so easy.

Security in Meetups

As mentioned, profiles of the personals in Craigslist can be easily faked, thus, security during meetups will be in danger. Meeting a complete stranger whom you’ve just known and communicated with online can be possibly dangerous.

Most likely, users of the said site will end up meeting a scammer, kidnapper or worst, a murderer. This may not occur often but we can’t deny the fact that these might still happen given the site’s flaws. This is definitely the top reason why several personals have withdrawn their accounts for their welfare.

Barranquilla Women

Barranquilla women personals

Barranquilla Women is one of the most respected foreign singles’ introduction and tour services in the industry these days. Aside from that, the company is considered to be a pioneer in the matchmaking industry that was founded in 1995. It is actually considered to be one of the best Barranquilla marriage agencies today. Over the years, it has expanded and made several branches across the globe.

The main goal of the company is to match single Barranquilla girls with marriage-minded foreign men who are also seeking for love and romance beyond their borders. Our site is basically a bridge that connects two persons from different countries to establish interracial relationships.

Our services include singles’ tours, so that the clients can meet these women in person and can explore the city within the company’s scope. This is definitely the chance for clients to spend time with the beautiful ladies and find their match. Some inclusions are transportation, accommodations, and even the clients’ meals in prestigious hotels available in the host city.

Below are the reasons why thousands of Latin girls and foreign men prefer to use the website:

Presence of Company Name

Barranquilla Women is a specific company holding its own name in the singles’ industry. Given this, the clients already have an assurance that security and privacy will be served while using this site. Furthermore, important details about the site are also provided and can easily be found on the site itself. That being said, potential clients won’t doubt in availing the services that Barranquilla Women offers.

Our company also offers both group and individual tours for all the possible clients who would like to meet their future partners.

Authenticity of the Personals and Profiles

You are guaranteed that all of the women’s profiles you will see in our site are genuine. These women have been verified by our hands-on staff beforehand. You are highly assured that all of of the women’s information provided in the personals’ section are all authentic. Also, the women you see in our site are also the same women you will meet during our tours. Rest assured, all the possible clients won’t have to deal with fake identities compared to other sites.

Security in Meetups

Barranquilla Women offers singles' tour services for foreign men who wish to meet and go out with Barranquilla women seeking marriage on this site. The meetups among the clients are monitored by our staff members to ensure all the clients’ safety. It is the company’s top priority.

During the said tours, the clients will be given a sufficient amount of time to roam around and know the women deeply. Everything will be done and arranged accordingly by our staff so you won’t have to worry about anything throughout the tour. All you have to do is establish a good rapport with the women, know them deeply and find your Barranquilla bride among them.

Everything will be made possible if you register here for free. Allow us to help you in achieving your goal of marrying a beautiful Latina. Avail of our offered services and know how to meet women in Barranquilla by joining us.

Certainly, you don’t have any reason to delay. You have to meet her to marry her!

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