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Religion and traditional social expectations play a key role in Colombian dating culture. Latin girls adhere to distinct gender roles, where men take the lead, while women respond accordingly. Latin girls are typically shy, timid, and indirect when showing romantic interests to men. Barranquilla women are expected to test a man’s sincerity for her in a number of ways. Read on further and learn important things about Colombian dating culture to successfully execute international dating:

Ladies and Gentlemen. In Colombia’s dating climate, men are expected to make the first move. Women don’t usually initiate, but be on alert for subtle cues like prolonged eye contact, smiling, giggling, or trying to go near or sit next to you, as these are considered signs that she’s interested in a guy.

Be Generous. In Colombia, the guy pays for everything--- from dinner, movies, and the ride back home. Going Dutch and splitting the bill isn’t the norm here. Colombia is still a fairly traditional, macho culture and paying for dates is seen as a sign of strong masculinity, which women find attractive. In fact, being stingy on dates is a deal breaker for many Colombian women.

Be faithful and loyal. Do not ever flirt with other women when dating a Latina girl. Colombian girls are devoted and clingy and can easily sense if a guy is cheating on her. Latin girls are hard to woo and catch but once she’s in, she’s going to give it her all, and this includes reciprocating loyalty and fidelity.

Communication can be indirect. Colombians are polite and careful in communicating feelings of attraction or disinterest. Thus, a Colombiana may hold back gushing out her feelings for you until she feels safe expressing it.

Give chase. Colombian girls typically expect men to do all, if not most, of the chasing and pursuing. Colombian girls may not call or text first or try asking you out but expect their men to consistently do them to her.

Go dancing! Single Barranquilla girls are used to dancing with men, whether she is romantically involved with him or not. It is perfectly alright dancing with a lady even if you are complete strangers! Dancing is both a part of Colombian social etiquette and a means of having a good time. When going out to clubs and events, you can make the first move by asking for a dance with a Colombiana, and talk to her while on the dancefloor. That would be very romantic!

Just be yourself, literally. Latin girls are curious about foreign men; so, being a foreigner automatically makes you interesting to them! Hence, calm your nerves, be confident, and just be yourself. Your mere presence of being a foreigner is already captivating to them.

Learn Spanish now. A foreigner trying his best to learn Spanish is VERY endearing to Colombian women. Not having to speak English all the time means taking a lot of pressure off them, since English isn’t a major language in Colombia. They’ll appreciate it and often go out of their way in helping with your Spanish communication skills. Apart from dancing, it’s the easiest way to pique a Colombiana’s interest.

Just approach her, really! Most Latin girls will feel flattered being chatted by a foreigner who finds them interesting and attractive. In Colombia, talking to strangers and going into romantic relationships from there is uncommon. She’ll find it a refreshing change of pace being asked for her number by a charming foreign guy! A Colombiana is most likely going to give you her number, especially if she’s single.

Eye contact. Although Colombian girls are generally shy, you will know a woman is single when she makes strong eye contact with you. Thus, be on the look-out for lingering stares---it is usually a strong sign of interest and invitation to talk.

Be an early bird. Colombian women find it inappropriate for a guy to text or call her during late night hours, especially when just first getting to know her. It is generally better to approach girls during the daytime because it doesn’t give the impression of being a sleazy foreign tourist. Being a polite gentleman is your forte here.

Be fashionable. Dress to impress! Colombian men are generally well dressed and groomed and women expect men to do so. Do not go out and meet women as if you just got out of bed! Ideally, you should dress smart casual, groom your face and body hair, and wear perfume. Good manners and social grace are important for them, and a decent fashion taste is considered a sign of refinement and respect.

Expect occasional chaperones. Colombians usually go and hang out together in groups, with friends or family. She may bring a friend (usually another woman) when going out on dates, especially during the initial ones. Women may bring chaperones for safety reasons, or she may think that it is just a friendly get together and bring others along for more fun.

Family is everything. When dating a Colombian woman, understand that her family plays a very important role in the relationship. Colombians have closely-knit and strong family ties. Living with parents up until their 20s-30s and having extended families is common in Colombia.

When things are going well, most Colombian women will be eager to introduce you to her family and social circles. Thankfully, Colombian families are welcoming and hospitable to foreigners; it’s easy to feel like a second family! Bring some gifts, souvenirs, or food along when meeting her family to give a good impression.

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Date Ideas for Barranquilla Women

Try Caribbean food together. Your Barranquilla trip wouldn’t be complete without having a fulfilling experience of Barranquilla’s cuisine. Being a port city, Barranquilla is famous for its fresh seafood, butifarra, and fresh tropical fruits.

Groove to salsa beats together. Salsa music resounds in every calle and corner in Barranquilla, and there’s always a good time to ask your Colombiana the question, 'May I share this dance with you?'

Visit a romantic museum. Know more about Barranquilla's history by visiting Museo Romántico, which features quirky exhibits regarding the city’s cultural traditions such as the Carnaval and famous personalities like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Simon Bolivar, the namesake of Paseo de Bolivar.

Home sweet home. Nothing also beats having a good down time with your girl and chilling at home! Chillout with a movie and a glass of wine, or a shot of aguardiente to make it a very Colombian experience.

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