Marriage Culture in Barranquilla

A photo of a man with one of the alluring Colombian ladies Barranquilla’s marriage culture is traditional and romantic. Marry a Latina woman and experience it yourself!

Marriage in Colombian culture has its own quirks which are quite surprising to outsiders. From symbolic coin transfers to late night salsa dancing, Colombian wedding traditions are a rich tradition of their own. Continue reading below to learn more about the marriage culture in Colombia, especially if you’re seeking Barranquilla women for marriage.

Colombian weddings feature a number of customs that reflect their Catholic tradition and Caribbean culture. These include:

  • he groom serenades the bride, signaling the beginning of the wedding ritual. The groom usually sings romantic songs to his bride-to-be under the window or in some intimate space. The priest also signals his blessing to the couple, thus marking the beginning of the wedding ceremony.
  • Bridesmaids and groomsmen are unheard of during Colombian weddings. They have personally appointed godfathers and godmothers instead, who are expected to give marriage counsel and advice to the newlyweds.
  • Colombian brides usually wear a mantilla, a veil for covering the bride’s face. On the other hand, men will be wearing guayabera, a white long-sleeved shirt, which is the traditional men’s attire for Colombian weddings.
  • Putting a shoe under the bride’s dress from every single man invited. The groom then pulls out a shoe and whoever owns it is thought to get married next.
  • The custom of exchanging thirteen coins from the groom to the bride is called Las Arras. Besides symbolizing the thirteen apostles of Christ, the said act also signifies the groom’s capacity to provide for and take care of his wife.
  • Lighting the third candle together from each of the newlyweds’ individual candles symbolizes the bride and groom’s spiritual union.
  • The bride’s mother usually gives her daughter gifts and memorabilia to take with her as a newlywed. Oftentimes, the bride and groom receive silver gifts (e.g. silver plates and utensils) from invited guests as well.
  • Naturally born as dancers, lively dancing is a requirement in every Colombian wedding (or nearly every other important event in Colombian culture)! Dancing salsa, cumbia, or any of Colombia’s many traditional dances is customary in Colombian weddings. Everyone will be dancing all through the night and reminisce about the entire ceremony the next day. Hence, be very prepared to practice your dance moves!

Why Barranquilla Women are Ideal Wives

Barranquilla is not only one of the most progressive cities in Colombia; it’s also home to lovely Colombian ladies with great personalities. Being raised in a culture that values traditional gender roles, Christian virtues, and femininity, Colombian women make for ideal wives and companions in life who treasure marriage, love, and family life.

Colombian Marriage Culture

Although Colombians are racially diverse, their religious values bind them together. The Roman Catholic church plays an important role in many social issues, and this is very true in Colombian dating and marriage customs. Colombian women are generally conservative and abide by virtues of modesty, chastity, and humility as taught by their religion.

Colombian families still adhere to traditional gender roles, where men are expected to financially support and make decisions on their family’s behalf, with the wife as a helpmeet and homemaker. With the changing cultural climate, however, women have more freedom to seek careers and share domestic responsibilities with their husbands.

Men are traditionally expected to be the breadwinners and disciplinarians in the family while maintaining the family’s status and position in the community. Men’s social position and power as the head and sole decision-maker, however, has been changing along with modernity and holds less sway especially in urban areas, but this tradition remains strong among rural families.

Having 2-3 children is the norm among Colombian couples. Although divorce is legal in Colombia, many people prefer to avoid it because the Catholic church, as well as the Colombian society in general, do not favor it.

Why Colombian Women are Ideal Wives

Prior to marrying a younger woman from Barranquilla, it’s best that you will be enlighten of reasons as to why they are tagged as ideal wives in the world. Here’s a list:

  • Beautiful and feminine. Latin women are very feminine and put a lot of effort into making themselves attractive. These women are well-dressed and love to accentuate their features. They never go out looking like they just woke up in bed!
  • Culinary skills. Colombian women are hard-working and responsible. These Colombian girls are raised to take part in domestic chores and help around the house. They are expected to be skilled in household responsibilities, especially cooking! Colombian women are good cooks who can prepare sumptuous Caribbean dishes.
  • Sensitive and compassionate. Having experienced political and economic instabilities in their country, Latin women have great empathy for the plight and suffering of the needy and helpless. Sensitive and compassionate, Colombian women are indeed caring companions who will go out of their way to help someone in need.
  • Family devotion. Colombian women are very family-oriented and love their families so much. They value and respect their parents’ opinions. They want to make sure their family is well taken care of. Children are also highly valued in Colombian families. Although Colombian women are hard-working and independent, marriage remains the highest ideal for them.
  • Marriage is a partnership. Colombia has the lowest divorce rate in Latin America. That’s because Colombian women prioritize their marriages and consider it a solemn partnership, not just two single individuals staying together. For Colombian women, marriage is about cooperation, not competition. Colombian girls are raised in a culture of traditional gender roles that expect men to lead and women to support their men; this attitude is carried over into her own marriage. This attitude makes for successful and harmonious unions.
  • Loyal and committed. Although most Latin women require being properly courted and pursued before saying yes to a man, they are very affectionate and loyal once they tie the knot. Colombian women cherish their marriages and will strive to be the best wives they can be. Cheating and infidelity are serious breaches of trust because Colombian women are very loyal and dedicated. Because of this, they expect the same from their partners.

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