Why Making an Itinerary is Important

Map of Barranquilla Making an itinerary for your trip will ensure you to have a fun and convenient experience.

The idea of traveling is always fascinating, especially when it’s geared to a foreign country. You get to experience a whole new world with people from different backgrounds. However, before any kind of excitement gets in the way, it is always important that you have a well-planned itinerary for your trip ahead of time.

There are many reasons why one should have a prepared itinerary when traveling. Although, there are those adventurous people who prefer to go with the flow without any plan in mind, having an itinerary is designed to help you make the best out of your exciting trip.

In Barranquilla, there is definitely so much to see and explore. Also, you’re assured to meet lovely Barranquilla ladies along the way! In order for you to have hassle-free travel to Colombia, here are some factors to consider why you should have an itinerary:

  • Time management - When you have an organized itinerary for your trip, you can take note of the schedules for each destination you plan to go to. This alone can give you a head start on how much time you’ll spend on each destination and everything in between. You won’t have to rush as you venture out to enjoy your trip. With that, you can indulge yourself as much as possible in what Barranquilla's tourism has to offer!
  • Cost - Having an itinerary ahead of time will also give you an idea of the total cost of the entire trip. Make sure you have the right budget and enough pocket money just to prevent yourself from coming up short at a critical time. Who knows when that’s bound to happen, right?
  • Scheduled activities - Aside from the thrilling fact that you’ll be exploring a completely foreign country and its famous destinations, there are also fun and exciting activities that you can take part in. Doing a bit of research on what activities are available on your trip is very useful so that you can keep yourself on track and make sure you won’t miss out on anything.
  • Proper guide - When you have an itinerary, you’re already set to know when and where you should be heading there. This will simply fall as a guide for you so you won’t forget any important information along the way. Just in case you do get lost, your itinerary will provide the names of the places you need to go to, which will make it easier for you to point out to the locals in order for them to help you.
  • Convenient transportation - When you’ve already listed down the destinations you plan to visit, it is equally important to know what means of transportation are available for you to use during your trip. This will let you know how to get from one location to another in the safest and most convenient way possible.

Helpful Itinerary Tips for Barranquilla

Spending a vacation in Barranquilla Equip yourself with helpful tips on how you can enjoy your trip to Barranquilla!

One of the best things about creating an itinerary for your trip is you get to personalize it as much as you want! Whether you’re a frequent traveler or not, having an itinerary in hand ensures that your entire journey is hassle-free.

When traveling to Barranquilla, here are some helpful itinerary tips you can take note of:

  • Keep track of important documents - Every time you travel, always make sure to complete all the important documents required by the country you’ll be traveling to. Having a smooth travel process is the best way to avoid any inconveniences or delays that may affect the scheduled plan for your trip.
  • Learn about the city’s history - The city of Barranquilla is filled with historical structures that continue to attract a lot of tourists from different parts of the world. From monuments relating to the country’s political history to cathedrals built in the nineteenth century and exquisite scenic views that you can enjoy day and night, you’ll find that you’ll learn so much about Barranquilla's history and culture with just this one exciting trip you’re about to take.
  • Sign up for a singles' event - Barranquilla has received so much praise for the stunning Latin girls. One way for you to be able to mingle with these women is to sign up for sign up on our site for FREE. They manage and host events where you can date single Barranquilla ladies and go on tours with them at the city’s most famous tourist spots, all for your convenience!
  • Purchase a local sim card. - Apart from being able to communicate with people you’re supposed to meet up with during your trip, having a local sim card will also come in handy when you are faced with an emergency situation. Make sure you also have all the local emergency contact numbers saved on your phone.
  • Only bring the essentials - If you travel a lot or know someone who does, you’ll come to a realization that it’s always ideal to travel light. This will make your trip more manageable, especially when you have to do a lot of walking. Also, it’s much easier to prevent yourself from losing any of your valuable belongings.
  • Learn about the city’s dating culture - When you’ve already acquainted yourself with a bit of Barranquilla’s culture and history, why stop there? Learning about their dating culture as well will definitely give you tips on how to establish a good connection with a Barranquilla woman. It always counts to leave a positive lasting impression when you go out on your first date with someone.

Barranquilla's Famous Hot Spots

Now that you’ve equipped yourself with the proper preparations needed to have a well-planned itinerary, here are some of Barranquilla’s most famous hot spots where you’ll surely have a blast meeting and dating Barranquilla women:

  • Barranquilla Carnival - The Carnaval de Barranquilla is what makes the city highly-known for. Many tourists get to witness months’ worth of preparations together with the excitement of the lively people as very inviting factors on why you should have your own experience of their incredible festival as well. It is celebrated four days before the Holy Month and people will be flooding the streets in extravagant costumes as they celebrate the night away. The celebration usually lasts three to four days. Get the chance to try their delicious food and celebrate with a lot of music and dancing together with the locals!
  • Barranquilla Zoo - It is known to be the first zoo inaugurated within Latin America. The zoo features over 140 species of animals from different countries all around the world. The entrance fee is affordable for as low as $5 and is highly recommended for tourists who find themselves traversing through the beautiful city of Barranquilla. There are also activities you can engage in, such as feeding the birds and getting entertained by certain animal shows there.
  • Amira de la Rosa Theater - Amira de la Rosa is the person responsible for the lyrics of the Barranquilla anthem and this theater has been named after her. A lot of locals and tourists have come to visit this place for various events that are held such as music concerts, theatrical plays, comedy shows, and numerous art exhibits. The overall finishing design of the theater is enough to astound those people who have visited the place.
  • Antiguo Edificio de la Aduana - This historical building is also referred to as The Cultural Complex of Antigua Customs and is famous for being called the Pilot Library of the Caribbean. Declared as a national monument in 1984, many tourists have come to admire and have maintained the Republican architectural style of the building. There are also libraries available for adults and children. When you are in the mood to visit a historical site with some peace and quiet, this place is perfect for you!
  • Museo del Caribe - Also known as the Museum of the Caribbean, you can learn here about the history of the Caribbean coast as well as the political and cultural history of the locals. There is a special part in the museum dedicated to a famous writer known as Gabriel Garcia Marquez in which his works are displayed for the public to read and admire.
  • Castillo de Salgar - This is a famous restored old castle known to be an ideal scenery in the city especially as the setting sun shines down on the structure’s bright yellow walls. With a fanciful restaurant inside, tourists are sure to enjoy this beautiful old castle as they also learn about its rich heritage and history.

Aside from these famous hot spots in Barranquilla that were mentioned, there are indeed many more popular destinations you can go to. From parks and hotels to museums and cathedrals, you will never run out of exciting options as you journey into this city. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, plan your itinerary, follow our travel tips, and have the best vacation in the beautiful city of Barranquilla!

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