Why Travel to Barranquilla?

People enjoying the Carnival festival in Barranquilla One of the best times to visit Barranquilla is during the Carnival festival!

Known as the fourth largest city in Colombia, Barranquilla is widely-renowned for its magnificent architecture and its famous celebration of Carnival. Its rich history, culture, and tradition have also played an influential part in how Barranquilla has risen and developed today. Starting from the early twentieth century until now, Barranquilla has been called the Golden Gate of Colombia for the reason that this has been the pin location for the entry of a number of travelers and goods in the country.

People in Barranquilla highly acknowledge their festivals and architecture---this is one of the factors why their city is still being visited by different foreign people. These foreigners have come to admire how these people have brought the city with so much joy and passion through the festivities they celebrate with one another.

Their Carnival, also known as Carnaval de Barranquilla, is considered as the most esteemed cultural festival in the country; this is next to Rio de Janeiro’s. They spend four days of celebrating mouthwatering food, entertaining music, dancing, and of course, all of these together with the exhilarating partygoers!

This cosmopolitan city is found between two highly famous tourist spots in Colombia: Cartagena and Santa Marta. Because of this, some people haven’t had the chance to discover the beauty of Barranquilla and the Colombian culture, in general, yet.

Whenever one visits this place, they are always encouraged to join in on the festivals and visit famous cathedrals, parks, museums, architectural buildings, and more. There is indeed much to see and do in this charming port town other than meeting and going out with Latin women!

If you’re planning to travel to Barranquilla, make sure to equip yourself with helpful itinerary tips so that you may have the best and most convenient trip. You may also get the chance to meet beautiful Latin women along the way!

Top Destinations in the Wondrous City of Barranquilla

Tourists enjoy the beaches in Barranquilla The beaches in Barranquilla are one of the most visited places by tourists.

If attending the famous Carnival is not enough for that perfect vacation you are planning to have, here are some incredible tourist spots which have also supported in shaping this magnificent city of Barranquilla:

  • Museum of the Caribbean - Also known as El Museo del Caribe, this is recognized by many as the most remarkable museum in Barranquilla. It is also the first regional museum established in Colombia. Here, you can learn about the history of the country’s Caribbean coast which makes the city very unique from other parts of Colombia. You can also read on the political and cultural history of the locals.
    Moreover, they have also dedicated an exclusive part of the museum for the famous writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, where his best works are displayed and admired by many.
  • Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepcion - This is one of the most symbolic structures in the city and is pretty famous among Barranquilla brides. The interiors of the church are elegant, especially the altar where they have exquisite statues of the Blessed Mother Mary and Jesus Christ.
    They also offer traditional church services for those who wish to visit. The surrounding area outside is also lively and welcoming for the many tourists who pass by.
  • Castillo de Salgar - This popular structure is a restored old castle covered with a magnificent bright yellow color, making it an ideal scenery in the city when the sun is about to set. Built in 1848, the castle still manages to attract many people from different countries until today.
    Even the locals appreciate it so much that from time to time, many of them still consider celebrating different occasions or events here; this is because the castle has a restaurant with function rooms inside. This is also a perfect destination when you are dating a Barranquilla woman. Lastly, when you proceed to the second floor, you will find that the Caribbean Sea is in full view for you to enjoy.
  • Antiguo Edificio de la Aduana - Also known as The Cultural Complex of Antigua Customs, this historical building is famous for being the Pilot Library of the Caribbean. It was declared as a national monument in 1984. A number of tourists have come to visit this place to admire its Republican architectural style and of course, just learning about its history literally feels like you’re traveling back in time.
    When you enter into the library, you will notice that the interiors are equally stunning as its appearance outside; it actually has separate sections available for adults and children. Ideally, people come here for the library, to conduct meetings, or to simply appreciate its architectural beauty.
  • Parque de la Castellana - This is mostly known as a city park where many people come to jog, exercise, or spend leisure walks. There are available courts for basketball and volleyball, bike trails, and an area where parents can bring their children to play. Tourists take the chance to visit and unwind here, or simply relax from a long day. There are also nearby malls and apartment buildings which give the park a more urbanized vibe.
  • Hotel Pradomar - If you have already had your share of historic sightseeing, this hotel is perfect when you are ready to take a break and enjoy the coastal side of the city! It is well-known for its location which is next to a private beach and its excellent staff service. For those who love to have a soothing experience in a tranquil and secure environment, this is where tourists usually stay.
    During the day, many tourists go to the beach to surf or to enjoy the atmosphere. There is also a surfing school for those who would like to learn how to surf! During the night, people in the area celebrate with music and dancing, giving you the chance to experience the Barranquilla nightlife. Furthermore, they serve various cuisines which are absolutely mouth-watering and delicious!

These are just some of the ideal places you can visit when you find yourself roaming in the beautiful city of Barranquilla. There are also plenty of beaches and monumental buildings you could check out. Wherever you go, the people in this city always look forward to having a good time. You don’t necessarily have to visit during Carnival week; they actually have a fun and exciting nightlife all year round!

Moreover, don’t forget that one of the best ways to further enjoy your stay is by meeting single Barranquilla women who would love to go out on a date with you. Hence, pack your bags and get ready to have the best vacation ever!

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