Barranquilla's Gastronomic Wonders | Must-Try Dishes for Your Colombia Vacation

A collage of Colombian dishes that are a must-try while on a Colombia vacation.
Make your Colombia vacation a lot more memorable by visiting Barranquilla and trying out authentic Colombian dishes.

Barranquilla is a lovely haven in the country of Colombia. The people here are generally more reserved compared to the people of its neighboring cities. Unlike its more prominent neighbors such as Medellin, Cali and Bogota, not very many people think of Barranquilla when considering a Colombia vacation. This is a mistake made by many because Barranquilla is actually a wonderful city filled with awesome spots, courteous people, attractive women, and delicious cuisines.

The people living in Barranquilla are very welcoming to foreigners. Because not many tourists travel here unlike the bigger cities, they appreciate it when they do take the time to actually check out the city. The women here are extremely kind, down-to-earth, and beautiful. The dishes here will leave your mouth watering for days. If you ever visit the city, be sure to check these dishes out.

  • Tostones
    Generally known as Patacones in Barranquilla, this tasty side dish is made by deep frying slice plantains twice. It is then flattened using a kitchen tool called a tostonera, or any utensil that can do the job. It is then fried again to achieve a golden, crispy look before serving.
  • Bandeja Paisa
    Bandeja Paisa is not only famous in Barranquilla, but also in all of Colombia. Foodies will certainly appreciate and love this dish because the thing that makes this dish so amazing is its variety and volume. The platter contains beans, pork, rice, chorizo, plantain, chicharron, and fried eggs amongst other ingredients. This dish is considered to be the national dish of Colombia, and rightfully so. Eating this will leave you both satisfied and wanting more.
  • Fried Catfish
    The signature dish of Barranquilla is the flavorful fried catfish. Because the city is close to the Carribean coast, the seafood dishes in the city are always fresh. The fried catfish is served with rice, most of the time paired with a lemon extract to enhance its already tasty flavor. This is surely a must-try dish if you’re ever in the city.
  • Cocadas Blancas
    Cocadas Blancas is a coconut dessert snack that famous all throughout the Latin Americas. This lovely treat is made of coconut, sugar, milk, and cinnamon. The sweet tooth people out there will surely enjoy this snack.
  • Coconut Rice
    Arroz con Coco or Coconut rice is another coconut based dish in Colombia. It is also a highly beloved dish throughout the country, mostly found in cities along the Carribean coast, like Barranquilla. This dish’s preparation is fairly simple and straightforward, you simply have to cook white rice in coconut milk and flakes. This dish is best served alongside Patacones.
  • Mango Biche
    We cannot talk about dishes in Barranquilla without honoring its street food. Mango Biche is one of them. If you are ever planning to dive deep into the Barranquilla nightlife, be sure to hit the streets after a night of partying to try out a Mango Biche for yourself.

Aside from being home to the world’s second grandest carnival, the Carnaval de Barranquilla, the people, and the food are among the biggest reasons why Barranquilla is one of the best places to visit in Colombia. There are so many tasty dishes for you to try out and you will surely want to try them once again after only trying them once.

Try out these dishes, then learn to make them yourself. It will certainly be a big boost for you if you want to get into the Barranquilla dating scene. Imagine how impressed your date will be if she finds out you know how to make some of the most beloved dishes of her country.

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