Top 10 Date Night Restaurants in Barranquilla Colombia

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Make your date night magical by going to the best restaurants in Barranquilla!

You fasten your seat belt as you hear the pilot’s instructions to prepare for landing. In a few minutes, the aircraft bound for Barranquilla, Colombia, will be strutting along the runway. And in a few minutes, you’ll be seeing her breathtaking smile. Isn’t it more than perfect? Wait, is that puke coming up your gullet? Better hold it in, brother.

Barranquilla is known as the fourth largest city in Colombia. It is home to one of the most important ports for river and maritime transportation in the country. Barranquilla is located near the Caribbean Sea and is the capital district of the Atlantico Department of Colombia.

Finding love and the woman of your dreams in Barranquilla is the most perfect decision you could ever make, just like those warm sunny rays in the morning after a whole night’s storm. See? Life is never hard if you don’t make it so.

As you meet people in the dating world, you will slowly find yourself amused as to how women can be so different in a lot of ways. As no two individuals are completely alike, not even identical twins, looking for potential partners is a phase that you should not be doing casually like how you button your shirts every morning.

Truly, there is more than what meets the eye when you get to visit Barranquilla. Fine dining restaurants, five star hotels, luxurious bars, and more await you here. Prepare yourself because you are about to see the best of Barranquilla and everything it has to offer.

Check out these top date night restaurants to visit with your Colombian woman:

Bar Restaurante La Cueva

If you are looking for a place with a rich history and a place where you can dine finely, the Bar Restaurante La Cueva suits you best. Not only does it offer excellent food accompanied by good drinks, it also houses a good live band; simply just all the elements you need for the perfect date night.

Experience the classic date night bonding with your woman as you get entertained and bask in the ambiance like no other, and you will have a night to remember.

Varadero Pescados & Mariscos

Do you always have a predilection for seafood? Well, you are definitely going to be well-served. According to an online Barranquilla, Colombia review site, this place offers one of the best seafood dishes you could ever ask for.

It also has good service and the live music is sure to keep you entertained as you and the person you are with enjoy your romantic date.


Eating healthy does not have to cost much, especially not when you dine in Mailia. This restaurant houses some of the well-cooked meals of your choice, and they specialize in vegetarian friendly dishes.

Not only this, but Mailia also serves gluten-free foods that would always ask for more.

Steak House Chez Ernest

Being in Barranquilla has opened doors for you to experience the culture and cuisine of Colombia. However, craving mouth-watering French and European cuisine is something you can always do in Barranquilla.

The Steak House Chez Ernest offers amazing steak and other international dishes that are sure to satiate even the most voracious of appetites. Surely, dropping by for a meal would most definitely be perfect.

Arabe Gourmet

Have you been looking for a place to indulge in some tasty Lebanese and Middle Eastern dishes? Then here is what you are looking for.

The Arabe Gourmet is the perfect place for you to enjoy a meal with your woman. If she wishes to take her family with her, worry no more. It is a perfect place for one! You’ll get to enjoy vegan friendly dishes that are indeed flavorful and tasty.

Salvator’s Pizza

Pizza and pasta are everyone’s first love. If you and your woman crave for a delicious snack in the middle of your trip, visit Salvator’s Pizza! Your taste buds will instantly take you to Italy as you get to enjoy the classic Italian pizzas like no other in Barranquilla!

El Celler

Spain is a country loved by many and perhaps you are one of them. El Celler offers some of the best and satisfying Spanish dishes that compares to no other. Tasty food, warm ambiance, and great service, the el Celler got it all for you.

Restaurante Pepe Anca

A classy place in which to dine is the perfect ingredient to a romantic date. Restaurante Pepe Anca gives you a great dining experience. With its classic ambience and good food, this is a must go-to place for you in Barranquilla.


The Cocina33 holds so much wonder that you could imagine. Offering some of the tasty Carribean, Latin, Seafood, and Colombian dishes in town, it is one fine dining place that you should not miss.

It also serves foods for those with special dietary needs, especially if you have a preference for vegan and gluten-free cuisine.

Da Nico Lela

Traditional. Exceptional. Italian. These three words best describe Da Nico Lela. Tourists and locals alike who have dined from this great place recognized how this has got to be one of the best restaurants that is offering Italian food in Barranquilla. Well, that alone is one good reason to visit and dine in this place.

Join in One with Barranquilla!

Surely now you think that you have experienced all of Barranquilla. Well, you have not quite done so yet. Wait until you personally see what nightlife in Barranquilla Colombia is like and you will be amazed with everything it has!

People from Barranquilla know how to party, and surprisingly they party hard. It is one thing that you will definitely enjoy doing with your Colombian woman. Spend time and socialize with the warm citizens of the country and make the most of your trip.

Capture unforgettable moments and form a bond so strong that it can withstand hardships that may come your way. As it is the best time to prove your love to your woman, show her all of you. Later on, you’ll find how she shows her all as well. Take her hand and see Barranquilla, Colombia the most enjoyable way you can.

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