How to Read the Body Language of Colombian Women

woman pointing her fingers like a gun Check out some ways you can read your Colombian woman in-between the lines.

It’s no wonder that there is a book entitled Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus that exists. Let’s face it: men are somehow figuratively a planet away from women. They act, interact, and think much differently from women, especially when it comes to communication and relationship issues and, thus, has led to hundreds of research made to understand and bridge the gap. Many are said but much meaning is also left unsaid.

This is a truth most emphasized in the realms of dating. Perhaps, for most of your dates, you are left wondering if she’s into you.

You want to know if she likes you or she’s just being polite or friendly. There are the red flags that determine if she’s the type that’s into a healthy relationship or not, and which is most likely, are some of the things not said downright.

This is where you need to figure her out beyond what she says and does.

Whether you met your Colombian woman through online dating or you’ve already known each other before, you might have to sit down for a DTR session or to be just transparent to one another. But unfortunately, even when you’re done through defining the relationship, you remain in the vague line when you don’t know how to read your woman in-between the lines.

Leave your Colombian woman to her own research about you. Here are some pieces of colossal love advice exclusive for men so that you can understand your already or soon-to-be life partner better and evade any potential problems in marrying a Colombian woman:

Be mindful of her body language.

You’ve been dating her all along but you haven't defined your relationship yet, and more often, she’ll be very subtle. You wouldn’t want to endure the mystery, right?

Of course, you’d want your stand with her spoken out straight. But it’s not that easy. Here are some of the telltale body language that slips out how she feels about you:

  • She plays with her hair or neck.
    If she keeps on intentionally playing with her hair and neck when talking to you, she’s suggesting that she’s chemically into you. To show her femininity and to catch the attention of people looking on her way, she twirls her hair. Plus point if she does it looking at your way.
  • She giggles and unknowingly pitches up her voice.
    She wants you to know that she has a bubbly, carefree side. If she makes eye contact with you while giggling, that’s a definite spiller. She may never know her pitch has gotten a tad higher and her tone will also change for you.
  • She laughs at almost everything you say and wears a big smile all around.
    You can always differentiate a forced and genuine smile. When a girl is very interested in you, she can’t help but smile and laugh.
  • She walks sexy to you.
    She actually just hides a secret weapon —that model-like, sexy walk. Admit it, such a sexy walk catches your gaze, right? Pay attention to her way of saying, “Look at me.” On the other hand, stop your assumptions when she tends to show you clear signs of dislike, such as the following:
  • She checks her phone every chance she has.
    It just shows she doesn’t feel like your conversation is going anywhere. Her checking out on every beep of notifications on her phone means she really doesn’t want to play along with the vibes you put out.
  • She looks everywhere but not your eyes.
    This can be tricky as there are some girls who play hard-to-get and avoid eye contact. However, you can tell that she means it when she can look anywhere but never directly at you. It’s even a strong sign that she thinks you creep her out.
  • Simply, she just sounds bored.
    Her responses are less than enthusiastic and brief. She wouldn’t even bother to add up to the conversation. If she’s really that into you, she goes way beyond short and quick answers.

Pay attention to how she listens.

Obviously, she pays attention to whatever you have to say. A sure sign of attraction is that she remembers even the little details of your conversation. She’ll basically hang into every word you say and appreciates you for you.

She doesn’t mind kickstarting the conversation by asking you a lot of questions. Talk about guts but she does that when she genuinely wants to know more about you. You should see this as an indication of interest from your lady.

Of course, you wouldn’t even have to fathom her when you don’t like her in the very first place. And if you’re wondering if she’s into you just as much as you are to her and she does this to you, keep her, especially if you’re looking forward to marrying a Colombian woman. Such a girl is gold.

Beware of defensive reassurance.

So the first time she told you she has gotten over her ex, that she’s mature, or has put herself together, there’s no reason not to believe. But then the time came that she tends to say such things repetitively and you can’t help but wonder if she’s having some underlying issues of insecurity. Chances are, she really does feel those insecurities.

Observe how she interacts with other people.

Is she so sweet, funny, and caring to you but treats others snappily? You can actually read through her by noticing how she deals with other people. Maybe she can get too rude on the waiter, yell at the valet, or talk about her friends, families, and work colleagues in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

Such things wave up the red flags for, of course, if she can do that to others, it’s likely she’ll treat you like that in the later part of your relationship. On the other hand, if she goes out her way to communicate to the people around her in amiable ways, then it speaks volumes to who she really is.

Deep inside, you’d really feel the overall connection. Just put your best foot forward when dating a Colombian woman and always keep in mind that in the process, you’re ought to read her between the lines.

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