What to Expect When Dating in Barranquilla

A beautiful Colombian woman from Barranquilla Find out what you can look forward to when dating in Barranquilla.

When talking about Colombia’s dating hotspots (as in those cities where there are plenty of beautiful ladies), the first places that would probably come to mind are Medellin, Cartagena, or Bogota. Frankly, though, we can’t really blame people for thinking that those are the only places in Colombia where you can find beautiful Latinas in, because more often than not, those are the only Colombian cities most people know in the first place.

But quietly lurking in Colombia’s Caribbean coast is the unassuming, quaint city of Barranquilla. Although it doesn’t have the allure and prestige of its more famous neighbors, it is a Latin American dating gold mine in its own right.

While all the frenzy and craze is aimed towards the plusher and more frenetic cities in the interior, Barranquilla on the other hand just keeps a rather low profile considering the number of stunningly gorgeous Latinas living in the city.

So if you’re wondering what is Barranquilla like, read on through as we delve deeper into what you can expect in this beautiful city along with a comprehensive dating guide to help you increase your odds of landing a date with a Barranquilla beauty:

  • Women in Barranquilla love foreign men - Barranquilla’s industrial facade has not really been a very attractive draw for a lot of tourists. But rather than it being a bane, it could actually work in your favor.

    Since foreign visitors are such a novelty to them, most women in this city find foreign men attractive and unique. So don’t be surprised if you’ll catch a few Barranquilla women gawking at you.

    But don’t get to thinking that you’ll easily get one to bed. You’ll still have to play your cards right if you truly want to establish a good and lasting connection with any one of them.
  • Their nightlife is just as wild and vibrant - Despite the laid-back atmosphere of the city, Barranquilla transforms into an entirely different animal at night. Barranquilla nightlife is like any typical Latino party; lots of booze and booty.

    If you’re the kind of guy who loves to morning the night, you’ll certainly be in for a treat because Colombian women living in Barranquilla are all about that life. You’ll definitely have your fill of fun and hangovers in this city.
  • Don’t worry too much about local competition - This may sound cocky and arrogant, but if women in Barranquilla were to choose between a local guy and a well-meaning foreigner, the latter would win 9 times out of 10. Don’t get us wrong though, Colombian men are just as dashing and good looking as any man on the planet, but they aren’t as exotic to Colombian women as a foreign man.
  • Most women speak average to fluent English - While Barranquilla isn’t necessarily going to win any glamor contest, it still is a modern urban metropolis and the 3rd most populous city in Colombia. So you can expect that a lot of people living in the city will somehow have a little grasp of the English language.

    But you shouldn’t also completely abandon the chance of learning Spanish either. You can actually use that as a ploy and exchange English lessons for Spanish lessons.
  • There are plenty of things to do - There are still a lot of things to do in Barranquilla despite it being a not so touristy city. But it is an industrial city after all so you can’t really expect to see white sand beaches and plush hotels.

    Where Barranquilla truly comes to life is at night. This is where you get to experience the rowdy and jubilant nature of the Colombian people.

There you have it! If you’re looking for a place where your odds of landing a date with a Latina are significantly higher, Barranquilla is worth visiting for sure. And once you decide to pack your bags and head to Barranquilla, just keep these tips in mind so that you won’t be going in completely blind.

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