Romantic Beach Date Ideas to Do This Couple Appreciation Month in Colombia

A Couple having a picnic at the beach.
Create new memories together with these simple beach date ideas.

You have 365 days a year to appreciate your partner. But if you have been busy lately, you can still make up for it this Couples Appreciation Month.

This month-long holiday is the perfect time to celebrate your relationship. Bring back the romance that may have slowly faded, rebuild your intimacy, and strengthen your relationship.

If you’re looking for the best couple’s activity that you can do, the answer is to date each other again. Remember the time and place where you first met. What was your first impression of your partner? What was it about her that prompted you to ask her to be your girlfriend? Go back in time and reminisce about every special thing you have done together.

However, if you want to make new memories this Couple Appreciation Month, a romantic date on the beach is perfect.

Beaches provide an ideal ambiance for romantic dates. It may be the waves crashing on your feet or the breathtaking view of the crystal clear ocean. There are a lot of romantic things to do at the beach with your girlfriend. Thus, if you want to do something intimate, going to the finest beaches is one of your best options.

Colombia Is Perfect for Your Beach Date

Looking for a place to have a date that’s by the sea? Colombia has got you covered.

With coastlines that face the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Colombia has the best beaches you could ever imagine. It is home to picturesque beaches with clear turquoise water. Some breathtaking shores include Providencia Island, Isla del Rosario, Nuqui, and Bahía Solano.

So, if you are looking to have a beach date with your girlfriend, Colombia is the ideal place to visit.

But before anything else, you need to have a plan to make your beach date extra romantic.

Consider that planning a trip to Colombia is expensive and time-consuming. It is easier if you and your partner are locals. However, if you are not, you need to plan everything. Look for travel advisories. Check if the hotel you will be staying in is still open. Prepare everything, so your trip can go smoothly.

Before anything else, you need to decide what you’ll do. That said, here is a list of beach date ideas that will help you create an unforgettable romantic beach date.

  1. Have a picnic.

A picnic at the beach should be first on your list.

This is perfect if you are looking for simple beach date ideas that are inexpensive but still intimate. Find the best beach locations in Colombia. Pack a blanket, umbrella, and a food basket. Pick a cozy spot to set up. Indulge in the breathtaking scenery. Talk your hearts out and enjoy each other’s company. Your picnic may not cost a lot, but it will surely melt your partner’s heart.

  1. Play beach sports.

Are you the type of couple who has an active lifestyle? Then, playing beach sports is the perfect date for you.

Get in shape under the heat of the sun. Play volleyball, frisbee, or football. You can also invite other couples to play. Have a bet to make it even more thrilling. Choose a sport that you and your partner can play while enjoying the waves of the beach and the heat of the sun.

  1. Build a sandcastle.

When was the last time you built a sandcastle? Growing up, you surely have made one during your many family beach trips. You may have even met new friends while playing in the sand. Why not add this to your list of romantic things to do on your Colombian beach date?

Forget about being an adult and build a sandcastle with your partner. Child-like as it is, this is a perfect way to de-stress and create a bond together. Just enjoy the moment and relive the good old days of being kids.

  1. Dance on the beach.

Do you know what Colombians are good at?

Dubbed the “land of thousand rhythms,” Colombia has a unique type of music that is a combination of Spanish influences and African beats. The country is known for Salsa – a sensual dance with dips, tricks, and spins.

Almost every Colombian takes pride in their dance culture. You will most likely hear Latin music being played everywhere, even on the beaches. So, while on your date, why not dance with locals?

Don’t worry if you’re not good at dancing. Colombians won’t judge. They will be happy to see your interest in their culture. So just feel the rhythm and enjoy your time. Regardless if you know anyone or not, your shyness will surely be out of the picture once you go along with the beat of Colombia’s finest music.

  1. Stroll on the beach.

Walking on the beach is one of the most romantic things to do with your partner.

Cliche as it is, it is the perfect date for couples who like to relax while watching the waves. You can even take off your sandals and enjoy the sand under your feet. Chat with your girlfriend or hold her hand. You can also look for seashells while on your run. End it by watching the sunset while holding each other’s hands.

  1. Camp under the stars.

Does your girlfriend like watching the moon and stars at night? Why not bring her to the beach and set up a camp there?

You can bring your own tent or rent one. Make it even more romantic by setting up a bonfire. Don’t forget to pack a blanket so you can snuggle underneath it with your partner.

  1. Have fun in the water.

You’re already on the beach, so you might as well get wet. Get dressed in your swimwear. Take a dive in Colombia’s clear waters. Play volleyball or any games with other couples. And enjoy your time.

Make the Most of Your Time in Colombia as a Couple

A man lifting his beautiful partner on the beach.
Looking for cheap date ideas? Try long romantic walks by the beach.

Every relationship starts with dating. You ask someone you like to go to a specific place. You talk for an hour or more. You drive her home. You ask her for a second date. She said ‘Yes’. And after a week or more, you are now in a relationship.

But your relationship should not end there.

Continue courting her even after she accepts your proposal. Give her gifts on her birthday or on your anniversary. Make time to meet and talk. Show her that you appreciate her every single day.

Now, if you want to bring back the fire in your relationship, take her on romantic date escapades. Go to a beautiful and diverse country like Colombia. You can even use the cheap beach date ideas that are listed above. Lastly, treasure your new memories and make them last forever.

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