Making Colombian Women Feel Loved Through Small Gestures

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You don’t have to go to great lengths to make Colombian women feel loved and appreciated.

A man can never really run out of romantic gestures in order to make his woman feel loved, and in the case of Colombian women, they want nothing more than a man who knows how to show his affection.

Sure, dating a Colombian woman has its perks, but being able to keep the fire burning in your relationship is just as important as landing that first date with her. It’s a no-brainer that the efforts and romance shouldn’t stop even after you’ve won your woman over. Either way, if you’re truly interested in dating a Colombian woman, you might as well know your way around her heart.

Knowing how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you may not be an easy venture, but there are simple acts you can do to make them feel appreciated, and in turn, they will want you even more. The following are some very good deeds to get you started:

1. Buy her coffee.

Most Colombian women are into coffee, so whether it’s taking them to a coffee shop, making them one in the morning, or bringing them one at work, they will always gladly accept your gesture and be reminded of how much you care for them.

Keep in mind that coffee is also great to have when you’re engaging in sweet and meaningful conversations. With that, your lady will come to associate coffee with your get-togethers, and learn to love having coffee with you.

2. Go on an ice cream date.

This is especially effective after having had a long day at work. For some reason, ice cream reminds us of the good old days, especially when we were kids, and it is always enjoyable to have with someone we care about. A Colombian lady will surely love this simple yet sweet — literally! — gesture.

3. Take her to the beach.

Walking along the shoreline while holding hands will always be a romantic thing to do with your significant other. The best time to hit the beach is in the afternoon. You can go swimming and have a drink while relaxing under the hot sun. And before twilight comes, you can watch the sunset. With the beautiful sound of the crashing waves and fresh breeze, nothing can ever beat a fantastic day at the beach.

4. Cook for her.

While Colombian women are known to love cooking, especially for their man, they also want to experience such a gesture from their significant other. You can do so at any time of the day. The goal is to give your girl a break from cooking and ordering takeouts. Find out what her favorite snack or meal is, and go the extra mile by learning how to cook it. You might not be able to perfect it, but it will be a hundred times better than having ordered it from a restaurant, and she will absolutely adore you for your effort.

5. Ask how her day went.

This is probably one of the most ideal questions to ask a Colombian girl because not only does it show that you care, but it’s also in asking something like this that usually leads to more meaningful and insightful conversations. Always remember that it’s in the little things that you can get to know more about a person. Simply talking about how her day went can give you more ideas on how you can make it better for her the next time around.

6. Spend time with her family.

Relationships in Colombia revolve heavily around family. If you’re dating a Colombian woman, you can expect to be introduced to her family soon enough. As such, this gesture will not only show that you respect her family culture, but that you also love her enough to accept her family into your life, as they have accepted you into theirs.

7. Make plans.

Be it a weekend getaway or a movie night at home, the mere gesture of making plans with her shows how much you love spending time with her. You can also come up with personal goals or goals for your relationship. As long as it's focused on the betterment of both of you as individuals, this simple act will definitely strengthen the bond of your relationship more.

8. Get her flowers.

The simple act of giving flowers never fails to leave a girl happy. What’s great about this type of gesture is that there is no need for a special occasion. Just like that, you can brighten her mood and make her think fondly of you throughout the day.

9. Shower her with compliments.

This doesn’t just apply to her physical looks. Go beyond such a gesture by commending her on how hard she’s worked, how caring she is towards her family, and how she looks out for you through thick and thin. Your words of appreciation will automatically encourage her to stay happy and positive. This definitely works well for your relationship as it will also inspire her to compliment you on your good qualities.

10. Always greet her good morning and good night.

Pretty simple, right? Well, this pretty simple gesture is enough reinforcement to give your Colombian lady the positive energy she needs to start her day, and the calm mood she will need to have a sweet night’s slumber. Again, it’s all in the little things. You can do this through text, call, email, instant message, or in person. As much as possible, make it a goal to do this every day so that she will take it to heart that you truly love her.

The Simplest of Gestures Go a Long Way

What it all boils down to is that loving gestures never go unappreciated. Women in Colombia will be grateful for the simplest of deeds, as long as they are genuine and real. Just remember not to expect anything in return when you do any of the gestures mentioned above, or other ones that you might think of.

The only thing you should look forward to is keeping your girl happy and making sure she feels loved. Colombian women may be hard to impress compared to women you’ve dated in your locality, but one advantage you can take is knowing that romance is the best and most natural way to win their hearts.

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