Accessorize Properly | How to Look Good for a Colombia Woman

Man with a chronograph buttoning suit jacket
Put together the right accessories to help you find love.

Getting to date a Colombia woman isn’t something that you get to do every day. So when that happens, it can be a bit of a special occasion. And special occasions generally mean having to put on a nice outfit.

The first date is extremely important. Because it is such an important milestone in what could potentially be a lasting relationship, it is expected that both parties will spend quite a bit of time putting together an outfit. After all, the first step in the journey to find love is the first date and you’d certainly want to capitalize on this moment to make a great first impression.

Latin women are going to want someone who puts some effort into the relationship and the best way to demonstrate that is to put some effort into the outfit.

Now, while clothes do sometimes make the man, people often neglect the finishing touches to their outfits. They get the clothes right, but they don’t always put together the proper accessories. They often go with no accessories or they do with ones that do not match the rest of their outfits.

So to maximize the chances of success when it comes to finding love from Latin America, and dating in general, it’s not a half-bad idea to put a little effort into putting together an ensemble.

Putting together an ensemble isn’t just about the clothes. It’s a little bit more than that. It’s about accessories that complement the clothes. It’s about putting together a complete outfit that catches the eye of a Colombian woman.

  • The Watch
    For most men, the most jewelry that they will wear is a watch. But the thing about watches is that a lot of men often get it wrong. They get a chronograph or some other sporty watch and then decide that that’s it. They’ll wear them everywhere.
    While a chronograph is fine for everyday wear and for work, it might be a good idea to dress up a little for a date. A dress watch matched with a nice button-up and some pressed slacks will not only be appropriate for the hot Colombian weather and the Colombian woman, but will also look elegant and dignified.
  • The Bracelet
    While one wrist has a watch, the other can be bare. In fact, both wrists can be bare. But they do not have to be. Adorning a wrist with a bracelet, especially if it complements a watch, can go a long way towards finishing off an ensemble.
  • The Ring
    As far as accessories go, this is the most precipitous. Putting it on the wrong finger can make it look like you’re married or engaged. As such, if wearing a ring, it’s best to avoid the left hand entirely.
    Too ostentatious a ring can also turn people off. Less is more, but a simple band might look like a wedding ring and whichever finger it’s worn, a wedding ring can ward some women off.
  • The Necklace
    This can be a tricky accessory. A simple pendant on a chain or a cord is generally fine. Going too far and wearing something that can put a strain on the neck is too much.
  • Earrings
    Not too many men wear earrings. Many don’t even pierce their ears. But if you do want to wear a pair, some studs might be the best way to go. Not too flashy while also being eye-catching.

Accessories can make or break an outfit, so it’s important when going out on a date with a Colombian woman that the accessories make the outfit. But accessories won’t matter if you never sign up with a Latin marriage agency to find someone to show off to, so go ahead and sign up already.

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