How to Impress Your Date This Christmas

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It pays to be informed and prepared if you want to impress your date.

Is there a Colombian woman you want to pursue a romantic relationship with? This upcoming Christmas may be a good chance to deepen your bond with her.

Some Colombian women love men who know how to flirt, but more than that, they also enjoy being wooed by foreign men who know how to act like gentlemen. This is because women love men who know how to appreciate them and treat them like a lady.

So if you’re racking your brain on how to impress a woman on a first date, this article may help you dazzle your way to her heart.

Instead of gift ideas, we decided to go on a different route - namely learning about her country’s Christmas traditions. Material gifts can be a good way to find love, but learning about Colombian culture can also earn you some brownie points.

Down below, we’ve compiled a small list of suggestions that might help you impress your Colombian date this Christmas season.

Learn their dances

There’s just something about dancing that is so attractive to others. One way to impress your date is to learn how to dance.

But maybe you’re shy and feel hesitant to jump directly onto the dance floor. Or maybe a 2-minute basic salsa dance just won’t cut it and you may feel the need to raise the bar to really impress her.

The best thing you can do is spend a month or two mastering a couple of Colombian dances. From Salsa to Cumbia, it’ll help you achieve a rhythm that might pass local Colombian standards.

Once she sees how well you can dance, she might feel excited to take you to the dance floor and both of you could end up dancing your way to each other’s hearts.

Learn some Spanish

If you know a few basic Spanish words and phrases, that’s great, but it might not be enough to impress your Colombian lady.

We suggest learning more Spanish words through their songs. You can find popular Colombian songs with a quick internet search. Just like how we memorize the songs we like, we end up learning new words and cultural knowledge through foreign music.

It’s best if you can learn some romantic Colombian songs. If you feel confident, you might try serenading her privately with romantic love songs. Some Colombian women might find this to be a very romantic gesture.

As a bonus, you could also use this opportunity to improve on your Spanish speaking skills and become more fluent.

Learn Colombian culture

During December, Colombians typically have several holiday traditions leading to Christmas Day. As early as October, it might be common to see people decorating their houses with lots of holiday lights and Christmas decorations.

Every December 7th, people go out onto the streets and light hundreds of little candles in celebration of Dia de las Velitas or Day of the Little Candles. They do this to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary as she blesses their homes for another year.

Because Colombia is a Spanish-speaking country, they normally don’t greet each other with “Merry Christmas.” Instead, they say “Feliz Navidad” to express their holiday spirit.

Once Colombian families finish their Christmas meal, some of them head over to the churches and attend midnight mass. Others may also stay up all night to relax and eat the leftovers.

And on the 28th of December, locals celebrate Innocents Day, which is similar to April Fool’s Day. People pull harmless pranks and practical jokes on each other as a means of amusement and entertainment. It’s definitely a great way to keep your spirits high until the New Year.

Become familiar with their Christmas food

You may have tried eating Colombian food before, but have you tried their Christmas dishes? There’s Natilla Colombiana (custard), Brevas Caladas (Colombian-style figs with syrup), and Colombian Buñuelos (fried dough balls).

These are just some of the holiday foods you’ll commonly see every Christmas in Colombia.

On the eve of Christmas when it’s time to eat, dishes served on the table include lechona (pork stuffed with rice and peas), Ajiaco Bogotano (chicken soup), special holiday ham, turkey, empanadas, and more.

It’s truly not a Colombian Christmas without any of these foods present on the dinner table.

Take part in their Christmas traditions

Since the majority of Colombians practice Christianity as their main religion, most of their holiday traditions are based on Christian practices.

You might notice small children writing letters to baby Jesus about what presents they’d like to receive on Christmas Day and place those letters in the manger, also known as pesebre.

Or you might observe Colombian families spend nine nights of prayers and afterward attend family parties and celebrations leading up to Christmas Day (also known as praying the Novena).

These are just some of the holiday traditions celebrated by Colombians. On December 16-24, you will see the streets being decorated with joyful holiday Christmas lights around the city.

Many Colombian families or couples usually go out on a walk or take bus routes in order to see the special Christmas decorations and lights. If you can, take this opportunity to take your Colombian lady out for a stroll to admire the holiday city lights and decorations.

One last thought

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Know what gifts to give your date this Christmas.

It’s worthwhile to note that some Colombian women might appreciate being given gifts during Christmas. In fact, it might be the quickest way to impress them. However, material gifts can only go so far when wooing a Colombian woman.

To make a deep impression, you also need to learn about her as much as possible.

Does she love wine? Then consider taking her to a wine tasting event. Or is she into travel? Then you can take her to some romantic travel spots around the area.

The majority of Colombians are warm and friendly people. Showing your sincerity in learning their culture can help you earn bonus points with them. Some of them welcome people from other countries to experience their traditions and culture.

So if you happen to be in the area, you just might end up feeling impressed by their unique culture, food, and Colombia’s beautiful sights.

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