Flowers Colombian Women Love to Receive during National Lover’s Day

Have you ever given a bouquet of orchids to someone you liked? Most men choose roses, tulips, or daisies when they want to impress their date. In Colombia, however, orchids are the flower of choice.

Come this April 23rd, which is National Lover’s Day, consider ordering a beautiful orchid arrangement for the Colombian woman you intend to beguile. After all, not many Colombian women can resist a colorful bouquet of flowers.

The Orchid, also known as Cattleya Trianae or Christmas Orchid, is the national flower of Colombia.

Colombians love flowers so much, they have a whole festival dedicated to them, called “Feria des las Flores” or “Festival of Flowers.”

The festival is held yearly to honor the growing floral industry in Colombia.

In 2020, Colombia was the second-biggest exporter of flowers in the world after the Netherlands.

How Did Flower Production in Colombia Start?

In 1990’s, the Colombian and US governments were looking for ways to curb drug production in Colombia. One solution they created was to ramp up agriculture production, which included flowers.

Though the eradication of the illegal product was never easy, the flower production has been successful. They were able to export flowers from 2001-2020 to an estimate of $1.5 billion of revenue.

Through this effort, residents of Colombia have benefitted from the growing flower market. The unemployment rate has fallen and not just that, flower workers earn more than the minimum wage set in the country.

A photo of a Colombian woman embracing a set of flowers.
Learn more about how Colombian women give importance to flowers in their culture.

Why Are Colombians Fond of Flowers?

Colombia is a beautiful, vibrant place full of warm and friendly people. They celebrate life and all the occasions that go with it.

Colombian culture is a celebratory one. These celebrations aren’t restricted to community, religious, or other public occasions. They also celebrate personal milestones and other important family events with great excitement.

Flowers, as always, play an important role in these celebrations in Colombia.

What Can You Do to Make Her Happy This National Lover’s Day?

The celebration of love is huge in Colombia. After all, Latin folks don’t just talk about love, they express it passionately.

National Lover’s Day, celebrated every 23rd of April, is another day dedicated to celebrating your love for your significant other. And what better way to express “amor” or “love” to notable Colombian women than with flowers.

Since the holiday coincides with spring or early summer, flowers are in full bloom and readily available.

Flowers reflect many unique characteristics of a Colombian woman such as femininity, passion, and a colorful personality.

Which Colombian Flowers Are the Most Loved?

Being one of the world’s top producers of flowers, they are considered home to a variety of flowers. Thanks to its range of climates and ecosystems, they have near-perfect conditions to produce a large variety of floral species.

Each flower and color has a significant value in Colombia. Here are some of the most popular flowers in Colombia that are symbolic and loved by Colombian women:


This is the bread-and-butter of exports in Colombia. In over 95 countries to which Colombia exports flowers, roses are the favorite.

Roses are flowering shrubs that have different colors. They have a mild fragrance that is breathtaking. They also have many small thorns that protect them.

A lot of people love roses because of their softness and beauty.

There are different kinds of roses in Colombia. Some of which are:

  • Red roses - It gives a message of love and passion.

  • Yellow roses - This is an expression of joy and friendship.

  • Pink roses - It represents a feeling of happiness.

  • White roses - This means purity and innocence.


Orchids are beautiful and distinct, and they are the most diverse type of plant. Their fragrance, beauty, and bloom are contributing factors as to why they are popular.

Colombia is the richest country when it comes to orchids. This is why Orchid Cattleya Trianae or Christmas Orchid has been considered as their National Flower.

The main reason why they chose this species of flower is because it has a combination of blue, yellow and red colors in the flowers that are reminiscent of the Colombian flag.

For Colombians, orchid meant togetherness, love, and passion. With nearly 4,000 species known, you can choose the best orchid to give her.


Carnationas account for about 40% of total flower exports in the country.

It is one of the most gorgeous and elegant flowers. With its variety and soothing fragrance, it is a popular choice among suitors.


Chrysanthemums to Colombians represent longevity, fidelity, joy and optimism. They are abundant and easy to find as well.

They come in a variety of colors, among which mean different things:

  • Red Chrysanthemums - represents love and deep passion.

  • Yellow Chrysanthemums - represents careless in love and sorrow.

  • White Chrysanthemums - represents loyalty and honesty.

A photo of different kinds of flowers.
Learn about how the flowers have helped the Colombian community economically.

Tips before Buying Flowers

Buy local - If you want to give your Colombian woman flowers, make sure to get them from a local supplier or seller. Why? Locally grown flowers are immune to the climate and therefore more long-lasting.

If you buy a flower that can only be found in Colombia, it shows that you value her heritage and where she comes from.

When you see Colombian women dating foreign Western men, you’ll know it’s because they make them feel very special and appreciated.

Research the meaning behind the flower you are about to give - as explained above, each flower has its own meaning.

Check the overall state of flowers - When you find the perfect flower in the best local flower shop, pick the flowers that are fresh and not damaged. The slightest blemish can damage the appearance of the arrangement. Make sure to give your Colombian woman the perfect flower that she deserves most.

Thoughtfulness Is Attractive

Now that you know about the kind of flowers that go well with the National Lover’s Day celebration, you can confidently give some flowers to your Colombian woman without fear of rejection.

Being thoughtful to your partner doesn’t only mean that you appreciate them. It’s also about you being serious about your partner and that you are happy in the relationship you are in.

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