Finding Love in Barranquilla : Dating Colombian Women

Cable cars in Colombia Travel to Colombia and find the love of your life.

There’s a fair number of men that have tried and failed to find love. You might consider yourself one. Maybe you’ve already found it, but it didn’t last. For whatever reason, being alone is not an unusual occurrence.

Now, there’s a lot of guys that decide that they need to find a bride for themselves. But brides don’t just grow on trees. Some men try to find potential brides within their own neighborhood, but other men go a different route.

A few guys decide that it’s entirely possible that their best chances at being with someone is if they get with Colombian women. But such women have a tendency to live in Colombia, which means that a lot of men aren’t going to be in the same country, which makes being with them harder than it has to be. There’ll be a few problems marrying a Colombian woman.

Some guys decide that maybe their best to find somebody to love is to travel to Colombia, so that’s what they do. They pack their bags, get on a plane, and hope to find someone. But it’s not like they’re going to step off of a plane and find the love of their life.

Sure, that could happen. Maybe you deplane and lock eyes with a woman and the world just stops and the only thing that you can see is her. But that’s not really all that likely. Most travel tips don’t really factor in potentially marrying a Colombian woman.

Trying to find love is hard enough. Trying to find it in a foreign country is even more difficult. You’re in a new country where you don’t know the layout, you might not speak the language, and the culture might be completely alien.

But using a matchmaking service before getting on a plane can help. Many matchmakers actually work internationally, pairing up people from different countries and may even set up events for those people to meet. So using a matchmaker isn’t a bad bet when trying to partner up with someone.

But what if you actually succeed? You go to Colombia and end up completely besotted with a local girl and she reciprocates those feelings to some degree. What happens now? You can’t just be with her. No, you both have lives that you’ll have to deal with, not to mention that paperwork.

So there’s going to be a period of separation, a period wherein you’re not with your lover because distance is a reality that everyone is going to have to deal with.

But there’s a lot of ways to at least take some of the edge off. Sure, it might not be the same as actually being in the room with them, but there are ways to at least make it bearable.

1. Timeline

It’s important to have goals. If you’re in a long-distance relationship and the relationship will remain long-distance for the foreseeable future, then chances are that it won’t work out. Having a timeline for you and your lady love to be together can be the thing that keeps the both of you going through all the hardship, and it will be hard.

2. Remember That Video Calling Is A Thing That Exists

It may not be the same as seeing each other in person, but looking at each other’s faces while having a conversation is sort of close enough. Thankfully, modern technology makes such a thing feasible over long distances. Sure, it’s not quite as good as being physically present with them, but it’s close enough for now.

3. Check In Regularly

But it’s not face-to-face communication that should be prioritized. While texting over international boundaries may not be ideal because of the extra charges, there are ways to text while also circumventing those charges. Many messaging apps work solely through the internet as opposed through conventional telecommunications infrastructure.

4. Do Things Together

Okay, it may be hard for you and your lover to do things together because you’re not actually together. But that doesn’t mean that you have to tackle all activities solo. There are plenty of internet-based activities that you can both do regardless of the distance between the two of you.

it’s not the exact same thing as going out on dates, but it’s a pretty decent alternative for when distance is keeping you apart.

5. Send A Gift

Concrete, material objects are not and should be the end all/be all of a relationship. But putting together a care package and sending it to them is a great way to remind your lover that you’re thinking about them. It’ll help make playing the waiting game easier. There are a few gifts for a Colombian woman a man can send to remind her that she’s in his heart.

6. Visit Every Now and Then

Nothing is a replacement for actually being in the same place together. Sure, it may not be permanent just yet, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done.

Make it a point for the two of you to be together every now and then. These little visits will help to tide the two of you over before you can make being together a little more permanent. Little visits can also help the two of you get acquainted with each other and stuff.

7. Chin Up

Above all else it’s important to be optimistic. Sure, not everything can last and many long-distance relationships are doomed to failure. But just because that’s the fate that befalls many couples doesn’t mean that it’s inevitable that it’s what’s in store for you.

Yeah, you can worry about it. A little bit of anxiety is only natural in such a situation. But you can’t let it dominate everything. You have to keep your chin up and look forward, because while the situation is not ideal, it’s also not permanent.

Finding love is a rare thing indeed and not everyone gets to find it. Not everyone gets to do it. It’s one of the rarest things in the world. But sometimes, the world conspires against love. Now, a couple can roll over and accept that they might not get to be together. Or they can link their arms and fight for what they want.

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