What REALLY Attracts Colombian Girls Dating Foreigners

Often romanticized in popular media as passionate lovers, do Colombian women fall for foreign bachelors because of true love or love for money?

Manuela, our resident Colombian matchmaker, tells that while some may be motivated by financial gain, the reality is that most Colombianas seek love beyond borders in order to fulfill their dream of romantic connections. The Colombian cupid adds that such cases are never isolated in Colombia alone but happen anywhere in the world.

In fact, many Colombian Latinas are highly-educated and are taking up bigger spaces in the Barranquilla workforce. Over the years, Colombia has seen higher completion rates for primary, secondary and even college education. It would then be unfair to assume that all Colombian girls date foreign guys solely for money. So even if a Colombian woman is faced with a wealthy tribe of men, her choice will always look past their bank accounts and right into their heart’s intentions.

Passport bros and MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) should never be afraid to take that plunge, solo travel to the gateway to South America and experience for themselves the way Latinas love. From the beaches of Barranquilla to the mountains of Medellin, Colombia never runs short of Latinas waiting for the right one who shares their values of the family and community. To guaranty a match in the land of salsa and empanadas isn’t a Herculean task. With an open mind and the right attitude, you might just ace live introductions and eventually score yourself a Colombian wife.

When it comes to love, Colombian women don’t just talk the talk, they dance the dance. If a Colombiana invites you to the dance floor, you wouldn’t want to refuse her, would you?

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