Falling In Love With the Barranquilla Tourism

A photo of people in a carnival showing the colorful Barranquilla tradition and culture. Fall in love with how much colors the Barranquilla tourism and culture has.

Situated between two great cities, Santa Marta and Cartagena, Barranquilla often gets overlooked by tourists. It is mostly excluded from the list of places to visit when traveling to Colombia. However, what most people miss are the wonders that lie within the city of Barranquilla.

Due to its location in the northern part of Colombia, and having the principal port of the country, Barranquilla is better known as La Puerta de Oro de Colombia (The Golden Gate of Colombia). due to its location, as well as housing the most important maritime port of The Republic of Colombia. Other than being the city where the Rio Magdalena meets and empties in the Caribbean Sea, it has more to offer in its tourism that will surely make any tourist fall in love with it. Here are some of the wonders of Barranquilla that are worth falling in love with:

  • Thrills and Spills - Barranquilla offers more than what tourists deemed it would. There are tons of fun and heart-thumping activities to offer to anyone who enjoys the rush of adrenaline in their bodies. With its tropical climate all year round, it is not a surprise that the city is packed with beaches that are spots of the best surf breaks in Colombia. The great waves and warm water makes it great to get on your boards and ride with the waves.
    If the salty sea and the sea wave is not for you, the Barranquilla tourism has more to unfold. Other than its water activities, the culinary and nightlife scene in the city is also an experience to die for. As the country is known for its vibrant nightlife, you cannot expect less with the Barranquilla nightlife. The city has a number of bars that cater to the needs of any type of guests. When it comes to food, Barranquilla tourism offers its tourists the true taste of Latin food. It has restaurants ranging from budget-friendly ones to world-class restaurants that will definitely give a burst of flavor to its guests.
  • Amazing Tourist Destinations - The Golden Gate of Colombia may not boast as many tourist destinations as its neighboring cities, yet it has a few amazing ones. One of the few places that you should not miss when visiting Barranquilla is the marvelous sight of the Rio Magdalena emptying to the Caribbean Sea in the zone called Bocas de Ceniza. This amazing natural occurrence is complemented by beautiful landscape views and a glimpse of a few of the city’s undeveloped neighborhoods.
    Aside from this, there is also the Museum of the Caribbean that will give you a guide to the Caribbean coast of the country. The Romantic Museum, on the other hand, tells you the story of Barranquilla’s history. There are also parks that offer different activities from strolls, to picnics, and to enjoying fun performances.
  • Colorful Culture - What to look forward to in Barranquilla is its colorful culture. Due to its location, it is not a surprise that the city has become a melting point of culture. The Barranquilla Carnival is great evidence on how the culture in this city makes it alive. The carnival celebration has been a Barranquilla tradition for so long that it is one of the oldest in Latin America. It is considered to be one of the Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
    As the second-biggest carnival in Latin America next to Rio de Janeiro, you can expect the city to explode into a riot of colors and experience street parties like you never had before.

Barranquilla may not often be included in most of the travelers’ bucket list, but it is no doubt a place of great experiences that is purely unique to the place. With how much it possesses, it is not pretty difficult to fall in love and maybe find love in this Latin American city.

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